BSB grafica & comunicazione is a Studio involved in the graphic design, packaging, communication and strategic design for brands. Starting with the logo, up to the brand’s ID design, our goal is to highlight the spirit of the brand, utilizing all the passages that, together, can convey its values. Since 1997, with competence and creativity, we design product solutions and communications instruments. We make every project unique, with customized solutions that respect the values and the identity of the customer. A special thank you to all those who have chosen us over the years.

Logo, packaging, corporate identity, stand, website, brochure, pull up stand, illustration, gadget, folder, banner, web, banner, photography, events, catalog, gadget

Collage studio BSB Grafica e Comunicazione


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P.IVA 01809670464
C.C.I.A.A. 172782
R.I. N° LU 2001-8358
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BSB grafica & comunicazione snc
di Baralla Barbara, Santini Stefania e Voss Bettina
via Alcide De Gasperi, 392
55100 S. Anna - Lucca (LU)


Tel. +39 0583 515395
Fax +39 0583 320906

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